Meat and Chicken

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Meat and Chicken

All of our Meat and Chicken dishes are served on a bed of mash and Mediterranean vegetables, rice or chips.

Beef Fillet

300g dry aged, lean and tender fillet seared and finished on an open flame and served on a bed of mashed potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.


Rump Steak

Matured dry aged rump, seared, seasoned and finished on a flame grill. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.


T-bone 500g

Classic cut of both tender loin and sirloin, matured and dry aged, flame grilled and served with a side order of your choice.


Prime Rib 500g

Your porter house cut matured and dry aged on the bone.


Chicken Souvlaki

250g of chicken skewers marinated in lemon, origanum and herbs flame grilled.


Beef Souvlaki

250g of beef skewers seared and flame grilled lightly basted and seasoned with origanum.


Lamb Souvlaki

250g of lamb skewers marinated in lemon zest, garlic and yoghurt flame grilled to perfection.


Lamb Shank

A Leg of lamb slow roasted in rosemary, garlic, thyme and bay leaves until tender, served in the traditional way.


Lamb Chops

Rib or loin chops flame grilled with origanum, sea salt, pepper, lightly basted with our home made lamb stock and served to your liking.


Beef Casablanca

Stuffed with roasted pepper, feta cheese, basil pesto, grilled to perfection, served with Mediterranean vegetables and basil pesto mash.


Baby Chicken

600g Organic baby chicken char grilled and basted with lemon herbs and garlic sauce.


Deboned Half Chicken Roulade

500g of deboned chicken marinated in lemon garlic herbs and stuffed with spinach, feta, pinut and served with quinoa Rissato