Barrio Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

Barrio is a culmination of cultures, cuisines and experiences. We invite our patrons to share in our culinary delights and rich atmosphere. We select many different tastes and traditions from across the Mediterranean to include in our establishment, keeping it lively. We have included the key elements of the cuisine, using fresh quality ingredients and an abundance of authentic spices to ensure your taste buds are taken on a journey through our menu.


Tues. 11am- 11pm
Weds. 11am- 11pm
Thurs. 11am- 11pm
Fri. 11am- 12pm
Sat. 11am- 12pm
Sun. 11am- 11pm


Address: Shop 7,12 on Palm Boulevard Umhlanga Ridge Palm boulevard road.

Phone: 031 566 7404